V/S [versus]

A fusion of ballet and ballroom. A performance where professional dancers with the background from the Royal Swedish Ballet and Let’s Dance (the Swedish version of Dancing with the stars) share the dance floor. An unexpected meeting between these two different dance genres.

“A single day can change one’s life. Maybe one wasn’t even aware that there was a need for a change, until it was suddenly there? And then it’s too late to let go of all that new and exciting…

 V/S [versus] is a story about dancers. It’s a story about passion, about feelings and about longing for something different. It’s about life, love and disappointments. A story how an unexpected meeting can create something new and unique.”


From the beginning V/S [versus] was created for summer 2017 to appear unannounced on the dance floors at the Swedish countryside. A culture project produced by Scenkonst Sörmland (Stage Art of Sörmland) to reach a whole new audience for dance.

[what happens now]

After the successful tour on the dance floors, V/S [versus] decided to extend the performance from one to three short acts and to offer performances on the big stages as well as more intimate dinner shows all around the country. The audience gets to enter the dancers’ world and fantasy, to take part in the meetings between the dancers and there dance styles, but also in the meetings between the dancers outside their roles.


Helena Fransson

Helena started her ballroom dance career at the age of six. She has represented Sweden both in European and World championships and won the gold medal in Sweden. Helena has been part of the popular tv-program Let's Dance for 11 seasons, both as a dancer and as a costume designer.

Dragos Mihalcea

Dragos was born i Bukarest and studied ballet first in his hometown but later on also in Washington DC. The last years he has been engaged as a principal dancer with the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm. During his long career as a dancer he has been working with several famous choreographers and has performed all around the world.

Tobias Wallin

Tobias is well known for the Swedish people from his 11 years as a dancer in the tv-program Let's Dance, where he reached the final twice. He has also won gold 8 times in the Swedish championships. Tobias has presented both the Swedish and the French national teams in ballroom and participated in competitions for Europian and World Championship.

Katariina Edling

Katariina was born and raised in Finland and has studied in the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. She has had a long career as a soloist in the Royal Swedish Ballet but has also worked at Ballets de Monte-Carlo in Monaco as well as at the national ballets both in Finland and in Estonia.


Ballet is a stage art that is built on an aim of aesthetics and elegans in the physical expression of the body. It requires strength, flexibility, coordination and harmony in the movement. Several art forms are usually combined in a ballet performance – dance, theatre, music, painting, architecture and clothes design. Ballet is considered as the foundation for many other dance genres and techniques.


Ballroom dance is a set of partnerdances which are enjoyed both socially and competitively. Because of its performance and entertainment aspects it is often used in films and tv-programs, such as Dirty Dancing and Dancing with the stars.


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The performance is created by the dancers. From the beginning produced by Scenkonst Sörmland. Trailers by aStory. Photos by Mini Gemoll (Mini At Large). We want to thank everyone involved in the proces for all the help and the great support.